Blessing Music Academy is a place where you can come and learn guitar while developing the talents God has given you. We are a Christian Centered website that firmly believes in what we do. We love teaching music to everyone of all ages and of all skill levels. We also work very hard to provide the best lesson material we can for our students whether you’re a brand new beginner or one of our advanced students 

  Many places in the Bible speak of playing music to comfort the soul and bring praise to God. Playing music can be very relaxing and rewarding and it can be something you have for the rest of you life. All of our students enjoy their lesson time and the joy that music brings to their lives and their families.

  Jeremy will teach you how to play music through time-tested methods and techniques while working with you as you develop musicianship skills and practices that will take your guitar playing to the next level! 

  At the very first lesson, you will learn some guitar techniques and also how to play a song. The material you'll learn in the first lesson will be something you can share with your friends and family as you begin learning the guitar.

 We love what we do at Blessing Music Academy and we want you to love what you learn with us! 

About Jeremy...
Music has always been a part of Jeremys' life. He started piano when he was 4 years old. In 5th grade, he transitioned to percussion and sang in the choir. During his junior year, he began to learn guitar and the bass.   
He attended the University of Minnesota and was a member of the Symphonic Band. Jeremy graduated in 1999 and he received a bachelor's degree in psychology and a music minor.
When Jeremy graduated college, he was hired by a private school to assist special needs children. He worked with school psychologists and staff and assisted in curriculum planning. 
In 2001, he enrolled at McNally/Smith College of Music. During his time there, he and a few of his peers started an independent record label. They produced several artists and recorded a handful of albums. Some of their artists performed with national acts.  
After completing his studies at McNally, he began teaching music lessons. For three years he was employed at FirstNote Music, a private instruction group in the Twin Cities. He taught several students while continuing his recording projects. 
Eventually, he moved away from the record label and began working at Groth Music. Jeremy was a school representative and worked with several districts in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Besides working at Groth Music, he also performed with a few rock bands.
In 2009, he moved to Wilmington where he became the administrator of a local music school. Along with administrative duties, he taught several instruments and recording classes.
Currently, he is teaching private lessons and plays locally. He continues to record small projects and is a live sound engineer.   
Jeremy is a highly sought after guitar instructor, who currently has a waiting list for personal instruction several months backed up.   Realizing the impossibility to balance his passion to teach the guitar with the growing need of his family he realized that with today's technology he could teach hundreds of students how to play the guitar online.  

His techniques are proven and his video instruction is very easy to follow.

Jeremy is an incredibly thoughtful and knowledgeable teacher and tutor. He brings so much passion and enthusiasm to his students and their families. Teachers are some of the biggest influencers we have in our lives and when they believe in and support us the results can be life-changing. Jeremy is one of those teachers who gives so generously of himself and delivers a fantastic service to those he works with. You won't find a more open, honest and loving person to support your child in their growth and development.
I have learned more in the last 2 weeks with Jeremy then ever before. Not just what something does but WHY it does it and how to apply it to other parts. Great job Blessing Music Staff. Hats off.
Jeremy is a great teacher and friend! We’ve known Jeremy for around eight years now and have never been disappointed! Caleb and Jeremy mesh well. He has always been great to work with and willing to go the extra mile! Jeremy has been a phenomenal music teacher from the time he ran the school of music to now on his own. He has done everything from organizing rock camps to basic instruction, teaching music theory and recording
Connor is doing great working with Jeremy.  We could not have a better teacher.  He really knows how to teach guitar.
Jacob has had a great experience with Jeremy.  He really knows how to teach guitar for the beginner and advanced alike
Jeremy is a great teacher.  In less than a year Van has learned so much and to able to play several songs from start to finish.  

Jeremy's ability to keep Van's attention without overwhelming him has been great.
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